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Flight Attendant Job: Remuneration

Remuneration of a Flight Attendant during the year 1992 was in the range of about $13000 a year, according of the Association of Flight Attendants. $35000 a year was earned by Flight Attendants with 6 years of flying experience, while some senior Flight Attendants earn as much as $60,000 a year.

A Flight Attendant Remuneration depends a whole lot on the airline, experience, and rank. During the year 2004 the median salary of experienced flight attendants was $43,440 per year, while senior flight attendants earned as much as $95,850 per year. New attendants made $15,522 per year. Of course this is not including the extra remuneration / benefits available for flight attendants willing to work extra hours or holidays and nights or on international flights. Living allowances are paid to flight attendants during the course of training and when they are staying away from home base. In addition all the individual perks, Flight Attendants and their immediate families are entitled to free travel and/or reduced fares on their own and other airlines.


As a benefit to the flight attendants, generally airlines permit Flight Attendants to enroll themselves to the Association of Flight Attendants. Few become members of the Transport Workers Union of America, The International Brotherhood of Teamsters, or other unions. Some airlines just don't have any unions for their Flight Attendants. Many airlines require Flight Attendants to buy uniforms and wear them while on duty. However replacement items for the uniform are paid for by the airline. Some airlines also provide a small allowance to cover cleaning and upkeep of the uniforms.


Career/Industry Group


Minimum Salary


Average Salary


Maximum Salary








AP Mechanic




























Engineering and Aerospace














Flight Attendant




























Office and Administrative




























Career Title


Min. Reported




Max. Reported

Flight Attendant


$6.00 hr




$43,000.00 yr

Flight Attendant - JFK International Airport


$24,000.00 yr




$24,000.00 yr

Manager Flight Attendants


$6.00 hr




$93,000.00 yr

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To make it and gain all the benefits of flight attendant job you need to go through that grueling airline interview, are you prepared for it.  Also the training standards of airlines are very high and generally tough going through our topics in our online training section can reduce the pressure and help you to excel highly in the training thereby placing you above other trainees helping you in demanding a better remuneration.


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