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Flight Attendant Job Perks & Privileges

Every day, aspiring flight attendants ask to describe some of the benefits of a flight attendant career. Outlined below are ten of the most appealing aspects of the profession.


Enjoy a great deal of time off (8 to 10 days off per month; roughly 3 months off per year!).


Get free or reduced-cost travel benefits for yourself and immediate family, covering air travel, lodging, car-rentals, and cruises.


Get a lucrative benefits package, often including health and life insurance, credit union membership, employee stock options, and a golden handshake retirement plan.



Enjoy unmatched variety - Forget the predictability of 9 to 5 cube life!


Enjoy maximum scheduling flexibility - You're not limited to weekends off like the rest of the world!


Meet new people, including many celebrities.


See the world.


Feel more independent.


Feel more responsible.


Feel a sense of pride and accomplishment (especially when you help an unaccompanied minor or handicapped passenger safely reach their destination).


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It is imperative here that how important a resume can be in getting that all important interview call, once you know how to apply for a flight attendant job.  You also need to know regarding the interview scenarios, tips for success in interviews and the common mistakes committed in interviews.

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